Personal Prayer Poster

How can you encourage someone going through extreme circumstances and give them visual hope? When my friend Debbie was diagnosed with terminal cancer I enlisted people to pray for her. One praying friend, Gina, decided to make her prayers visual. She created a poster for Debbie and used it as a tool to pray for her and to encourage her. She included pictures of Debbie, meaningful scriptures, and Debbie’s ‘word for the year’-BELIEVE. When Debbue received it she proudly displayed it on her hospital wall and later at home.

Gina’s prayer poster also touched friends, family and coworkers who came to visit.

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  1. Poster board or butcher paper
  2. Markers, colored pencils & glue stick
  3. Scriptures, pictures, words, favorite things
  1. Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you creativity and to guide you
  2. Personalize. Find out what the person likes. Sports? Butterflies? The ocean? Ask someone close to them or check out their facebook page.
  3. Cut, copy & create. Cut pictures from magazines or used greeting cards or copy photos or free artwork from the internet. Or unleash your artist within and draw or paint.
  4. Mail or hand deliver. (Before you do, make a copy or take a pic from your phone and keep it as a visual way to keep praying!)

Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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