A Gift to Remember

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  1. A person who has lost someone
  2. The occasion or date that is difficult or meaningful
  3. Prayer for meaningful ideas
  4. A tangible gift, act of service, words, or activity to encourage the person.
  1. Celebrating and remembering loved ones can bring healing to our souls. When a special anniversary date or occasion approaches consider how you can could encourage living loved ones with a meaningful gift to let them know you didn’t forget.
  1. One woman sent her widowed friend a dozen roses on her first anniversary without her husband.
  2. A group of church friends pooled their resources to honor a grieving family and purchased a large quantity of Bibles for their youth group and placed personalized labels inside each with the deceased child’s name.
  3. A niece surprised her elderly aunt on a special holiday when she showed up armed with the lost loved one’s favorite snacks and spent the afternoon munching, sharing memories, listening to nostalgic music and photo gazing.
  4. One sister mailed all of her siblings a package that included their deceased mom’s handwritten recipe and all the ingredients to prepare her favorite meal.
  5. An anonymous friend left a Mylar ballon and favorite scripture on the grave where a grieving mother visited.
  6. One woman sent a text with the message “Thinking of you today as you remember your son.”
  7. One mother wrote a story to honor her living children.
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Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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