Beach Getaway

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  1. Plastic bucket or beach pail
  2. Picture or poster of the Beach
  3. Tropical music or CD of Ocean Sounds
  4. Beach Chair, Beach Towel, Beach Ball
  5. Tropical scented Candle or hand lotion
  6. Flip Flop shoes
  7. Bag of Sand and seashells
  8. Favorite beverage and snacks
  9. Colored Tissue Paper
  10. Card
  1. “I wish I could go to the beach.”
  2. My grieving co-worker’s words were an answer to my prayer. I’d been asking God to show me how to encourage her in a special way after her recent loss of her mother. When I overheard her conversation with another co-worker I knew “The Beach” was God’s directive.
  3. Later that day, I stopped by a discount store in search of anything beachy. To my surprise I found several inexpensive items and added more from my gift closet (extra gifts I buy on sale and keep for occasions when I need them) I added her favorite snacks and beverage to the cart.
  4. The next morning I arrived early to work and left her bucket filled with her “Beach Bucket Surprise” on her desk with an anonymous card which read: Enjoy a day at the beach!
  5. Although she never found out it was me who left the gift, I know my surprise brought her hope. (and still does) A few days later, I saw her sitting at her desk, smiling and looking at something on her desk. As I walked by, I saw it: A picture of the beach and a seashell.

Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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