Hopelifter! Creative ways to spread hope when life hurts

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Who do you know who needs hope?  Daily opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus and spread hope to hurting people is limitless for a hopelifter. Discover how God can transform  anyone and anything you offer Him-your resources of people, places, possession, and personal life experiences- into hope that can help others.  Leave armed with creative ideas and ready to spread hope.

 The Network You Need to Succeed

What are the opportunities or obstacles you are facing in your life or ministry?  In this interactive workshop discover your unique role in God’s network, who you need in your network and where to find them, how to develop a PIT team and a PBD, and how to connect with the most important person in your network.  Come ready to share your greatest need…and leave with practical solutions and hope.

Say Yes to the Best!

Are you overwhelmed or under fulfilled and need to prioritize your life? Is it hard to say no? Come discover 10 questions to ask before you say “yes”, and how to say no graciously to good things. Leave this workshop with plans, purpose, priorities, prayer and peace to say “Yes to the best!”

Write on! Following your call to write.

Do you long to write but don’t know where to begin?  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned writer, or somewhere in between, this workshop will help you overcome obstacles and explore the truth of who God has created you to be as a writer, embrace your voice or season and take steps to write on!


You Can be a Hopelifter!

Join your tour guide, Kathe Wunnenberg, an Arizona desert dweller, as she takes you on a journey of your heart with the Israelites through the wilderness to the Promised Land.  Discover how hope can be found in a process, possession, place, person and even a painful personal experience.  Learn how to embrace the power behind your hope, overcome hope blockers and and live with creative compassion as a hopelifter who gives hope that spreads like wildflowers!  This three or four session retreat experience is based on Kathe’s new book, Hopelifter: Creative Ways to Spread Hope When Life Hurts.  

 Prayer Strategies for Leaders

Leaders need a strategic network of people to “lift them” through obstacles, opportunities, transitions, seasons and success. Leaders also need an intentional plan to nurture themselves.  Whether you’re a new or seasoned leader or someone who wants to become a “leader lifter”, in this workshop you will experience creative ways to strategize, mobilize and personalize prayer in practical ways.

Personal ConsultingKathe sharing The Word

Are you longing to fulfill a dream as a writer, speaker or leader but feel stuck?  Do you feel overwhelmed by opportunities or obstacles and need ideas to help you persevere?    Are you ready to move forward in your healing journey to let God transform your hurt into hope but need ideas?  Or do you simply need to brainstorm about a specific area in your life or organization and explore possibilities?
Kathe Wunnenberg is known as an idea broker with creativity and connections that will energize you.  She is a safe place to share your heart and your dreams and explore the unlimited possibilities God may have for you to fulfill.    
Whether you or your organization needs an hour, half day or  weekend, Kathe will customize a plan that fits your needs.  Contact her to get started.       


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