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When you were a child, what did you imagine, play or dream about doing or becoming? What is the dream God planted in your heart? Are you embracing it, moving forward, stuck or do you feel as if your dream has died? What obstacles or opportunities are preventing you from pursing your big dream?

Change, challenges or transitions in life, is a great time to pause, pray and invite God to reveal His dream for your life. Every January I set aside time to getaway for intentional time with God to assess my life, roles and for A Time To Dream. Most years I invite a few women to join me for a weekend at a retreat home, but I’ve also enjoyed a personal get away. Armed with my Bible, my 3 ring notebook, page protectors, magazines, scrap book materials, markers, photos, or anything that inspires me, I rest, reflect, read the Word, and listen for God to speak to my heart. Each year I invite the Holy Spirit to inspire me with a theme word for the coming year and He always does.

Then I spent time creating a few pages for the new year in my dream book. A dream book is personal and may include words, pictures, places, Scriptures, or items that encourage you or communicate the desires of your heart. I look at it often and sometimes include my dream book as part of my daily devotional time.
Unleash your creativity and give yourself permission to dream or invite a friend to join you for time away to dream. Or…contact me and come with me for my weekend, A Time to Dream Retreat.

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  1. Your Bible
  2. A willing heart to hear from God
  3. A serene setting (a cabin, friend’s home, or retreat center, )
  4. 3 ring notebook
  5. Clear sheet protectors
  6. Scissors, glue sticks, magazines, colored paper, colored markers, stickers.
  7. Optional: Friends
  8. Optional: The book, The Dream Giver
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Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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