Give Thanks Pillow

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  1. 2 pieces of fabric cut into the size of your choosing. (or purchase pillow kit at fabric store)
  2. 2 inch strips cut around all four edges of fabric
  3. Quilt batting for filling
  4. Scriptures, memories or people or things you are thankful for
  5. Your family or friends
  6. Special note attached
Several years ago, our children and other students at the Christian school where they attended, made “Give Thanks” pillows. The students worked together in groups of four. After stuffing the batting between the 2 pieces of fabric, each student grasped a different side of the fabric to knot the 2 inch strips. As each student took a turn to tie a knot, he or she also said a prayer of thanks. Some students shared gratitude for a teacher, friend, parent or long distance family member while others prayed a Bible verse or shared a special memory. Some groups wrote their “thankful prayers” down on slips of paper and placed them inside the batting. By the time the pillows were completed the entire school was overflowing with gratitude. Many chose to give their “give thanks” pillow to people in need of encouragement or support: deployed military, grieving family members, missionaries, or people in the hospital. Our family kept one and gave me. Most attached this note to the completed pillow
  1. “I might be just a pillow.
  2. But what you may not see
  3. are the many prayer and blessings
  4. stuffed inside of me.
  5. Made by prayer hearts and hands
  6. In hopes that you will say
  7. “Thank you Lord for now you love me,
  8. Each and every day!”
  9. So squeeze me tight or pass me on,
  10. Either one will do
  11. And don’t forget to “Give Thanks” for,
  12. The goodness stuffed in you!”

Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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