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hanson_20120815_9038During the last several months while writing my new book, Hopelifter: Creative Ways to Spread Hope When Life Hurts, I experienced many challenging times and could never have made it through in my own strength. I learned to recognize God’s voice and rely on His unlimited power like never before.  Recently, I sensed Him leading me to reveal our organization’s full name, what we incorporated it as in 2005: Hopelifters Unlimited.  So I am.  It serves as a tangible reminder that nothing is impossible with God and His power at work in and through us, has no limits.  I believe He can transform anything in our lives-people, places, possessions, and personal life experiences into hope for others, which can be passed on to others who pass it on to others. We may still refer to ourselves as “Hopelifters” but I am taking a public stand that His power is limitless.

Hopelifters-Final-Logo-125px-WebOur new logo created by Tommy Prestinario, tommy@prestodesigns.com, communicates our desire to spread hope when life hurts. The partial heart above the two people represent the broken-hearted, Gods love, His covering and compassion. Hands lifted up represent praise and surrender to Gods power that transforms us. Look closely at the two people and see hurt (the dark side) transformed to hope (the light side) that is passed on from one person to the next-which is hopelifting. Hope is spreading. And the really, Christ is the connector of the two people represented by the Christian symbol of the fish between them.

Will you join me in spreading hope to hurting people? Order my new book and learn how. I look forward to hearing from you.  Send me your feedback  about our new website.

Spreading Hope,

Kathe Wunnenberg


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