Hope at the River

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footWhat place or setting inspires or encourages you? Snow capped mountains? Lush green forests? Tropical sandy beaches? God created a variety of landscapes for us to enjoy. Nature’s beauty can soothe or refresh our soul. Since the beginning of time people have found hope and enjoyment in different places. Adam and Even enjoyed the garden. Moses recharged on a mountain. Jesus replenished in the early morning wilderness.

I find hope and replenishment at the river. The sound of rushing water refreshes me and reminds me of childhood days, wading barefoot in Castor River, catching tadpoles and roasting hotdogs along the Missouri River bank. Now that I’m an Arizona desert dweller, trekking to a river is much more difficult.

I realized this during a record breaking Arizona heat wave a few years ago. My body, mind and soul were parched, from more than temperatures. Life’s demands and disappointments had depleted me too. The place where I felt God’s hope most, was at the river.

To my surprise, I connected to a woman and her son in need of extra money. Ironically, they were painters. God used them to transform a snapshot of Castor River into a painted mural on my bathroom wall, complete with turtles, rocks and minnows.

My hall bathroom is now a place of hope and soul charging for me. I go there often and can slip away from life’s demands for a few minutes. I close the door, turn on the faucet and gaze at the wall. Sometimes I read my Bible or pray. When my family can’t find me, someone may say, “Mom’s at the river!”

Who do you know who needs to be refreshed? What place or setting would they most enjoy? Even if you can’t get them to the place their heart desires, could your creativity get them there? Invite God to show you how.

Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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  1. Diane Meehl Posted on September 6, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    I love this, Kathe! We all need a place to restore and recharge, even if we have to hide in the bathroom. I find solace in our big, soft bed. It’s one place we’ve always splurged – I buy thick sheets and decadent bedding, and envelope myself in what is the one luxurious and private space in my home! Just like being in God’s arms! I talk with him, read, dial a friend, or just allow my thoughts to wander. I always emerge feeling brand new! It’s my “river!”

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