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Since my last post I’ve been in a season of transition. I’ve slowed my pace, released some of my work, activities and relationships in order to examine my life, replenish, and reconnect with God and my family after several months of extreme schedules and circumstances in my life. I declared “40 days of renewal” for myself with the goal of seeking God whole-heartedly. (I’m on day 33 and it has been a life changing journey for me so far)

I kicked off my 40 days with a 24 hour personal retreat with God at an out of town retreat center. I invited a friend to join me with the understanding we’d have separate rooms, only talk at meals, and spend the rest of the time alone. When we arrived, I checked into my room and immediately took a 3 hour nap. I had no idea how exhausted I was until I removed myself physically from activity, noise and expectations.
Later, I strolled along the creek and enjoyed the serene setting. I closed my eyes and listened to the wind, chirping birds and rushing water. Nature’s sounds stirred my soul, senses and emotions.

Finally, my spirit was ready to hear from God.

Armed with my Bible, notebook and a willing heart, I waited expectantly. I invited the Holy Spirit to be my guide. He led me on a pathway of praise for who God has been to me during the past several months: My Companion, My Provider, My Master Planner, My Immeasurably More God, to name a few. He also prompted me to spend time thanking Him for what He had done for me. My list was long. I even included things I used to take for granted: breath, a bed to sleep in, and the ability to walk.

Then the Holy Spirit brought to mind people I needed to forgive or seek forgiveness from and my wrong thoughts, actions, and attitudes. To my surprise I realized that I was on the list and I needed to forgive myself too. After time spent on my balcony letting go of fear, regret, disappointment, unmet expectations, and hidden hurt, I felt free, revived and ready to press on. To remind me of this spiritual breakthrough, I clicked a picture of the balcony.

When I turned to walk inside to finish packing to leave, I suddenly felt prompted to “Look Up”. Immediately I paused, turned around and gazed upward. I gasped. To my amazement, God spoke again. This time, through jet streams in the sky. Here’s my picture to prove it!cross-in-the-sky-1

I’m still in awe of how God shows up when we seek Him. Even if He doesn’t speak to you through a cross in the sky, He will speak to you if you cry out to Him and get still enough to listen. How has God showed up in your life? I’d love to hear your story. I’ll be posting more stories from my 40 days of renewal soon. Stay tuned.

P.S. Consider taking a personal retreat or joining me for one. I’ll be going soon.

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