Take A DAWG Day!

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Take A DAWG Day!

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  1. A Specific Day
  2. A Serene Setting
No Technolgy
  1. Bible, Journal & pen
  2. Favorite snacks/food
  3. Blanket, lawn chair (optional, may depend on where you go)
  1. My friend was frazzled and facing uncertainty.
  2. “Take a DAWG Day!” I directed.
  3. DAWG Day? she asked. I could tell she didn’t get it.
  4. “A…. Day…. Alone…. With…. God!” I said with a knowing smile.
  5. Then I encouraged her to click on her calendar and schedule it for the next week, which she did. I assured her that her time would be well worth it, even if she felt she was too busy.
  6. “Choose a serene setting that inspires you!” I said. We brainstormed possibilities: a park, a friend’s home while working, the zoo, a local church or a resort if she wanted to splurge.
  7. “ Take your Bible, a journal and unplug from technology” I added.
  8. I encouraged her to prepare for her time by releasing her expectations and by inviting God to lead her time. No agendas. Listen, read, write, rest, and be ready to record what you read, hear God speaking to your heart. I also encouraged her to jot down questions or concerns that she had and remove the clutter in her mind in order to embrace God’s peace and hear His voice.
  9. A week later she called to tell me what an amazing experience her next DAWD DAY was already scheduled. Who do you know who needs a DAWG Day? Treat yourself or someone you know to one.
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Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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