Wait 3 Weeks

After my son died, I received a flood of cards, calls, meals and visits, at first. When week three arrived, everything changed. My relatives were gone. My phone stopped ringing. My mail box was empty. Yet, I still was grieving and needed encouragement. When my friend Jacque announced she would not be coming to the memorial service, but flying to see me a month later, I didn’t understand at first, but looking back now, I’m grateful she waited. Her delay was God’s perfect timing for her to spread hope to my hurting heart.

Wait 3 weeks” has become my personal timing to encourage someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. You may choose to wait four or six weeks, that’s okay. Ask God to show you His perfect timing for you to respond. Then, do it. It may be just the time when others have forgotten.

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  1. Your Calendar
  2. Your Phone, a card and a stamp, a meal, or a personal visit
  3. Prayer
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Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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