Will Work For Food

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Will work for food

This thought startled me as I walked into the grocery store on Wednesday, January 8 for my daily coffee and time with God.  When the thought came again a few minutes later, I knew it was God. 

I’d been praying for God to provide scholarship funds for many spiritually hungry people coming to the 2 day Christian communication seminar my organization would be sponsoring on January 17-18.   I couldn’t turn away passionate men and women with a desire to spread hope, share their story, teach the Bible, and speak up for God in their life, work and ministry, in need of training and encouragement, just because they couldn’t afford to pay the full amount of the registration and in many cases, very little or nothing at all.  All offered what they could.  Some offered time.  Others offered talent.  A few offered items or services.  But it was not enough to meet the mountain of expenses I was facing. 

When the thought Will Work for Food came a third time, I quickly calculated how much a box lunch each day for every person would cost.  How much would it cost to feed 10 people for two days? I wondered. 

Then I had the thought of offering my consulting and a one day retreat for a few as a way to give to those who would support my cause.  I will Work for Food, I thought.  I’ll spiritually feed those who help me feed others.

God confirmed this idea minutes later when a former neighbor I hadn’t seen for a while and didn’t know well, grabbed her coffee and asked, “What’s new with you?” 

“I’m working for food!” I replied. 

Her puzzled look demanded an explanation.  So I shared about the seminar, the opportunity to feed 10 people lunch for 2 days and in exchange to receive a day retreat or personal consulting with me.

“I’m in!  she said. How much?” 

Then she pulled out her checkbook, wrote a check, handed it to me then turned and walked away.

I was shocked.  God was answering my prayer for provision in an unexpected way.   What surprised me even more was His plan to reconnect me to a neighbor I would now have the opportunity to share Jesus with and feed her with His truth.

Will you join me in God’s cause to work for food?  Who do you know who is spiritually hungry and longs to grow?  Could you feed them with your resources of time, talent or treasure?  Even a word of encouragement, a verse of hope or simple prayer could feed their soul.   The proceeds from your unused goods you sell on Craigslist or at a garage sale could spur that person on to start over or step forward toward a dream.  

Pray and ask God to show you one simple way you can feed others with hope and encouragement this week. Listen, then respond.  

And if no ideas come, consider this one: exchange a meal out or your daily cup of coffee this week for a click on my homepage to donate any amount to feed a person hungry to speak up for God… who has the potential to feed others.      

I’d love to hear how God inspires you to work for Him and feed others with practical hope.

The third time Jesus said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”  Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”


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